Do we get prints?

As an interactive booth, I'm only digital, darling. After all, technology hasn't yet allowed me to print gifs and video! ;)  What you do get is a digital gallery of all the media your guests created with my super sexy self. (Eek, I suddenly feel used!) 


Every client is given the full online gallery of any and all media your guests make! Guest input their phone number or email to get the creations instantly! Ripe for sharing all over those social media channels.

What type of media does Super Selfie Station make?

Oh honey, I can do it all! Video, gif, boomerang and good old fashioned pics. I've also added tons of filters, colors and other magical items so you can add a pinch of pizzazz to everything you create!

Do you offer a props table?

Yes! My owners added many unique props to my set up, in order to spice up the party pics, but I think you also look fabulous just the way you are, darling.

Who is the booth attendant?

Some sexy bitch, no doubt.

In all seriousness, if you have booked my owners as your wedding photographers, they will hire another fabulous human to oversee operations (geez, that sounds so serious!).

What is the deposit to secure my date?

I'm glad you asked, dear. I may be affordable but I still require a little respect! Unless told otherwise, it's 50% of the total package fee to secure your date. After all, I can only make one party appearance at a time, so I want to make sure you're serious. ;)

Do you offer different packages?

Yas kween! Head over to my pricing page to see how long you can have me for and at what cost.

What is a custom overlay?

OMG, I am obsessed with these. Think of it as a really snazzy Snapchat filter. I can design these to include your names, event date, monogram, whatever works for you, and then add them to your gifs, vids, pics and boomerangs! You can see an example at the bottom of the pricing page.

When were you born?

It's never polite to ask a lady her age, my dear. However I am available for party appearances starting May 2019.